• Kelly Fredericks

    Kelly Fredericks

    Creator of the literary Blog, Dear Mr. Hemingway, Writer, and Boy Mom X 3. https://dearmrhemingway.com

  • Diana Foutz Daniele

    Diana Foutz Daniele

    Currently writing memoir: JUST SAY YES: A Memoir of Losing My Mind While Keeping My Soul, mother of two, my day job is as a publicist.

  • Carol Adler

    Carol Adler

    Teacher. Coach. Founder of Your Next Chapter, helping women take small steps toward big dreams. www.your-next-chapter.com

  • Darcey Gohring

    Darcey Gohring

    Writer * Award-nominated Essayist * Online Writing Community Host and Workshop Teacher

  • Leigh Shulman

    Leigh Shulman

    Mom, #writer, mentor. Because it’s time to tell your story. http://leighshulman.com

  • Ashley Clayton Kay

    Ashley Clayton Kay

    Writing with heart, humor, & humanity = what I do in theory. Writing while eating ice cream out of coffee mugs = what I do in practice.

  • Tanenbaum


  • Carole Smith

    Carole Smith

    I’m not always sarcastic. Sometimes, I’m sleeping.

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